This is a Hey Arnold spoof taking place in a Hillwood spoof called Lawndown. Lawndown is a small rural town.

Characters Edit

Alfred-a redhead boy with a purple shirt who loves hip hop and blues. He is an Arnold spoof. He's voiced by Toran Caudell in the same voice as King Bob from Recess.

Inga-a babysitting astronaut, rollerblader, and princess spoofing on Helga.

Frenchie-a dumb and slow girl spoofing Phoebe.

Mimi-an intelligent, bright girl who is Frenchie's next door neighbour spoofing Fifi.

Geoffrey-Alfred's blue-spike-haired best friend spoofing Gerald. Voiced by Jaleel White in Sonic the Hedgehog's voice from AOSTH.

Alfie-Alfred's little cousin spoofing Arnie. Nicknamed "Elfie" by Alfred, Alfie nicknames Alfred "Elf."

Fauna-spoofs Rhonda.

Lena-She spoofs Sheena and hates swears.

Lexine-she spoofs Nadine.

Seemour-he spoofs Stinky and has a Cajun accent.

Gina-Alfred's mom.

Smokin' Pete-Alfred's dad.