This is episode six of Dizzy Dana, aired on Thanksgiving 1997.


Dana is super-excited to go to her hometown's Fifties Day Festival, where the sock-hoppin' and doo-woppin' decade is celebrated. But, there's a problem - Donnie and Darrell don't want to come along with her.


  • This was the first episode to show Dana's obsession with the 1950's.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • 1. Donnie: What's so great about the 1950's? I mean, everyone wore weird clothes, said weird things like "What's the tale, nightingale?", and worst of all - there were no computers! What's life like without computers?!

Dana: Weird? I find it fabulous!

  • 2. Darrell: Get with the times, Dana. The 1950's have passed. A party themed after the 1950's is probably nothing like the actual decade. Besides, if you really wanted to go back to the 50's, you would just get a time machine!

Dana: So, let's go get that time machine!

Darrell: Time-travel technology hasn't been perfected yet, miss eager beaver.