This is a list of spoofs from The Dizzy Dana Show.


Flor-Mart (Wal-Mart, appeared in Race Against the Clock)

Bullseye (Target)

J-Mart (Kmart)


Correct-Med (Rite-Aid)

Companies Edit

The Jewel Corporation (Gemmy parody who created a Big Mouth billy Bass spoof called Timmy Tilapia)

Golfer-Cash (Fisher-Price)

Brasoh (Hasbro)

Fun-Camp (Playskool)

Wildcat Technology (Tiger Electronics)

Pineapple: Apple (Pineapple is the brand of Donnie's computer)

Lettam (Mattel)

TV Shows Edit

Yo Alfred!: Hey Arnold! (Darrell's favorite show)

Barnaby and Pals: Barney and Friends

Bucklecherry Mutt: Huckleberry Hound

Index and the Cranium: Pinky and the Brain

Fallstar Fowl: Darkwing Duck

Crazeatron: Freakzoid

Alex Anteater: Arthur Aardvark

Flint's Hints: Blue's Clues spoof (what Don used to watch in kindergarten)


Loco-Soda: Coca-Cola