This is the first episode of Dizzy Dana.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a shot of a classroom while the school bell rings. The teacher, Mrs. McMurphy, greets her class and instructs them to take out their homework from last night. Suddenly, Dana enters the classroom, out-of-breath, and says "Sorry I'm late!" Mrs McMurphy tells her this is the "seventh time this month" that she's been late, and warns Dana that if she's late again, she will have detention, scaring the usually-happy gal.

At lunch, Dana, Donnie, Darrell, Sophie and Nathan brainstorm ideas to prevent Dana from being late. They come up with going to bed earlier so Dana can wake up earlier, buying Dana a super-loud alarm clock, getting her outfit picked out before she wakes up, and having her skip breakfast. Dana likes all of the ideas, save for skipping breakfast because breakfast gives you energy for the day.

The first idea they try is having Dana go to bed at 6 pm, because Darrell thinks that if you go to bed earlier, you'll wake up earlier due to circadian rhythms. Dana has trouble sleeping so early because it's still light out. The kids close all the windows to her room and shut off all the lights, but Dana can't sleep.

The second idea is skipping breakfast, but Nathan and Darrell pop in and say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and breakfast gives you energy for the day, leaving Dana tired at school.

The final idea they do is the super-loud alarm clock. They head out to the big department store Flor-Mart (a Wal-Mart spoof) and Sophie finds one that has pretty flower designs on it. She says it "matches Dana's room decor perfectly", and they test it out to see how loud it is. All it does is ring its bells delicately and quietly. Dana says it will wake up someone who isn't a heavy sleeper. Darrell suggests using a fire alarm as an alarm clock, which Dana disapproves of because she's scared of fire alarms. Donnie then finds a super-loud (as said on the box) alarm clock that plays "Waking Up is Hard To Do". Dana gets the song stuck in her head and the kids buy the alarm clock. When sleepyhead Dana hears her favorite song from the super-loud singing alarm clock, she dances out of bed and gets ready for school as fast as she possibly could. When she arrives on time, Mrs. McMurphy and Dana are proud and pleased and Mrs. M. rewards Dana with a day off!