He's Donnie's good friend voiced by Nathan Lane in the voice of Spot from Teacher's Pet. (as an actor allusion)


Nathan is the most serious one of the group. This boy has a bit of trouble tolerating the Dizzy kids and Sophie's antics, and likes to be left alone most of the time. However, he has a daredevil side to him, and is willing to do things that his pals aren't willing to. He is also a big fan of skateboarding and baseball.


He has olive skin and short, spiky brunette hair. He wears a green shirt with a yellow stripe and a pair of camouflage Bermuda shorts. His eyes are olive green and his shoes are black sneakers.


  • "Wacky and Wild Wednesday" reveals that he is a skilled uprocker and hip-hop dancer.
  • He is 9 1/2 years old.
  • He's Italian, hence his olive skin and his last name.
  • He has a baseball as his birthmark. It's found on his right cheek.