Donnie, nicknamed "Dizzy Donnie", is Dana's slightly older brother. He's voiced by Danny Cooksey in Milo from Pepper Ann voice in Season 1, but in Season 2, Carlos Alazraqui used Rikochet's voice from Mucha Lucha for Dizzy Donnie Dobson.


He wears a red jersey, jeans and orange sneakers and his hair and eyes are brown. He has light skin.


Donnie is just as wacky - if even wackier - than his sister. This quirky guy loves to clown around, make people laugh, and spread the fun wherever he goes.

He also seems to have a fascination with computers.


  • He loves sneezing.
  • His clownlike laugh sounds like a goofy "hyuh-hyuh."
  • His favourite joke is "What kind of clown wears the biggest shoes? The one with the biggest feet."
  • Dana affectionately calls him "Don".
  • He is 10 years old.