This is a Groovy Girls spoof, which is Sophie's favorite toy. They have pea-sized eyes.

Dear Darlings Edit

Ashley-long blonde hair with pink shirt

Aimee-short blonde hair with green shirt

Ainsley-red hair in a ponytail with yellow dress

Dapper Dudes Edit

Danny-red shirt with blue cap

Desmond-orange shirt

Dermot-blue shirt with red cap

D.J.-purple shirt

Drake-black shirt with white hat

Babies Edit

Allie-red hair, red skin (Indian), red onesie with blue butterfly diaper

Darla-yellow hair, Asian skin tone/race, yellow onesie with pink flower diaper

April-brown hair, tan skin, purple onesie with aqua "I Love You" diaper

Delaney-strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, green onesie with tan diaper with a pink heart on it

Abigail-black hair, dark skin, pink onesie with orange teddy bear diaper

Diana-orange hair, deep peach skin, blue onesie with green swirl diaper

Amaya-auburn hair, dark skin but not as dark as Abigail's, white onesie with purple star diaper.

Destiny-light brown hair, light skin, orange onesie with yellow duck diaper