She's the titular character of Dizzy Dana, and an all-around great friend. She calls herself the "happiest person on the planet". Voiced by Lacey Chabert/Kimberly Brooks.


She a black bob of hair, green eyes, and wears overalls with a white flower patch on the pocket, white socks, unlaced white low tops and an orange T-shirt. Sometimes, she wears a white silk gown, tuxedo with bowtie, or a red velvet dress.


Dana is an eternal optimist with a sunny disposition, a sweet smile, and a soft heart. Donnie is her brother. She and Darrell have been friends ever since childhood, and Sophie is her best school friend. Positive and energetic Dana has her quirks - she enjoys dancing around crazily, has a somewhat uncontrollable and vivid imagination, and likes to spin around a lot, hence her nickname "Dizzy Dana". She also has a love for the 1950's and sung a song about it (in a doo-wop style!) in the episode "The Nifty Fifties".


  • Dana is the tomboy to Sophie's girly-girl.
  • To voice Dana, Lacey Chabert uses her Eliza Thornberry voice from The Wild Thornberries in Season1 and the pilot and Kimberly Brooks uses the same voice she uses for Buena Girl on Mucha Lucha from Season 2 onwards.
  • She is nine years old.


  • "Let's get dizzy!"
  • Oh, flowerpots! (said when anguished, frustrated or miffed)

Likes Edit

Air piano and pink bubble gum.

Dislikes Edit

Stinky shoes (they are yucky to her) and the smell of gasoline (which stinks to her.)