(The episode begins at Dana and Donnie's house. Darrell is hanging out with Donnie and Dana.)

Donnie: (sigh) I'm bored.

Dana: Come on, Donnie! Cheer up!

Donnie: I don't know, sis! I've already spent 2 hours on the computer, and I can't think of anything else to do.

Dana: Maybe something silly and fun?

Donnie: Uh, I don't know...


Dana: Yeah! Every Wednesday should be "Wacky and Wild Wednesday" where we celebrate summer silliness by going bonkers!

Donnie: Excellent idea, sis!

Darrell: We should get Sophie and Nathan in on our fun, too!

(The episode cuts right to Sophie's house.)

Dana: (standing by Sophie's bedroom, where a sign on her door says "Sophie's Room!") Looks like Sophie needs a bit of time before we can get her all crazied up.

Darrell: No, we don't! (Knocks on her bedroom door, then makes a "WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!" noise.)

Sophie: What is it, Dizzy Darrell?

Darrell: (opens the door, and puts a sock on his nose to show her) IT'S WACKY AND WILD WEDNESDAY!

Sophie: Ooh, sounds fun! Can I please join in on the fun?

Dana: Of course! Every Wednesday is a Wacky and Wild one from now on!

Sophie: Sounds awesome!

(Episode cuts to Nathan's house. Dana rings the doorbell. Nathan opens the door, and the kids make silly faces and weird noises.)

Nathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was just enjoying watching the baseball game! What are you guys doing?

Dana: It's...w-w-w-w-w-wacky and WILD WEDNESDAY!

Donnie: It's when we just go kooky-crazy each Wednesday to make summer sillier.

Nathan: No, no, no. I think we should make summer more serious by adding SERIOUS SATURDAYS, where all we do is GET SERIOUS!

Dana: Silly!

Nathan: Serious!

Dana: Okay. You can join in on this Wacky and Wild Wednesday if you want.

Nathan: Whatever.

Donnie: So, what should we do first?

Dana: Here's a Female Crew (Girl Scouts parody) favourite: Egg Babies! Draw faces on an egg and take care of it.

Nathan: That's the most childish thing I ever hea-

Dana: (grabs an egg carton and markers) Go ahead, pick one! (Donnie, Sophie, and Darrell grab eggs and begin to draw faces on them.)

Donnie: I call mine Egg-Bert! Get it? Like the name "Egbert", but, EGG! Because he's an egg...

Darrell: Sir Cornelius Von Eggovich the Third, you are one dashing egg baby.

Sophie: Ta-da! Meg the Egg is done!

Dana: (cradling her egg baby) Mommy loves her little Egg-ette, doesn't she?

Nathan: You loons. (Grabs an egg from the carton and throws it on the floor)

Dana: (gasps) You killed your egg baby!

Nathan: That's because I don't want to raise an egg baby! It's stupid and childish!

Dana: Should we hold a funeral for your little eggie?

Nathan: Eggs aren't alive!

Darrell: Well, the chicks, once they form out of the yolk, are living, so...

Nathan: Keep quiet, Mr. Smartypants. Egg babies are dumb and immature. How about we do something fun, like listening to music? We could have a dance party, and I could show you my sweet hip-hop moves!

Dana: A wild and wacky dance party would be great!